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  • TCS Conductors and Accompanists
  • TCS Contemporary Choral
  • A community choir for all ages
  • A community choir for all ages
  • A community choir for all ages


The Toowoomba Choral Society is a not for profit organisation and all our choirs are non-auditioned community choirs - open to members from age 5 up. Our membership year is from 1 January to 31 December each year and a membership fee is payable each year. For continuing members, the fees are due approximately 2 weeks after rehearsals resume in the new year. New members are invited to attend 2 rehearsals before membership fees are payable. Our current fees are as follows: 

TCS Choir and Contemporary Choral Membership  

  Annual 1st Half Year      2nd Half Year 
Adult Member  $120.00
$60.00 $60.00
Full Time Student        $80.00 $40.00  $40.00 


We are in the process of updating our online registration. In the meantime, please email to register your interest in joining.


Stage Production Membership

There is a Production Levy of $25.00 for all people involved in our Adult Annual Stage/Musical Production. Please Note: If you are already a financial member of our Society, a Production Levy of $25.00 is required. If you are not currently a member of our society, and are involved in the annual Adult Stage Production, a fee of $80.00 is required (this includes a Half Year Membership fee of $55.00, and the Production levy of $25.00)

Youth Choir Membership 
  Annual Half Year
Youth Choir $110.00  
Hummingbirds          $90.00 $55.00
A cumulative discount of $10 applies to the second and each subsequent member from the same (immediate) family. 


To Register your child online, click here.


The TCS Constitution  

The TCS Constitution has adopted the model rules of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and further information on the Act can be found here

Download your copy.